Plus Size

Gone are the days of modest 'Plus Size' wear. Bye bye bland wrap dresses and restrictive rules. Bring in the bright colours and tank tops; slip dresses and bustiers. Bring in the wide leg pants and snake skin bell bottoms. Big girls can wear whatever tf they want - including horizontal stripes. We can have our cake AND eat it too. CLOTHES KNOW NO BOUNDS. 

Welcome to Boundless: the Li'l M Inclusive Sizing Range. Did you know that 'Plus Size' clothing refers to items sized 18 and above? Sometimes it includes size 16 - depends on who you ask. I'm not a big fan of the term but I have my reasons for using it:

The term 'Plus Size' has proven controversial. Some plus size influencers instead advocate for the term curvy, whereas others want to eradicate the term altogether. Some don't like to use the term 'Curvy' too loosely because not all curvaceous people are plus size and not all plus size people are curvaceous. 

While I think the term is necessary in a fashion climate that only produces sizes 6 - 14, I am waiting for the day when it is no longer a 'plus' size and is rather a universal fashion standard, like all the other sizes. Come to think of it, bigger sizes should already be a national standard considering that the average South African woman is size 18

What with a globalised market of fast fashion retailers from America, EU, UK and China, the South African customer will never feel fully catered for. Especially since our "only sizing chart developed in South Africa is from specialist groups such as the South African National Defense Force". 

With Little Marcella, I've tried to highlight the importance of inclusive sizing with this new Boundless series. Our bodies are

1.) totally unique and

2.) ever-changing

This Plus Size portion isn't intended to 'box' and label you into any one category. I could make a hundred little categories to service a hundred different body types, but for now I want you to know that thrifting is for everybody. I got chu.

I hope that the thrift experience can feel more fun and easy for my Plus Size wearing customers who have been wary to test the styling comfort zones. 

As always, I am open to your constructive criticism and revision. Should you totally or totally not agree with me or the sentiments here, pop me a dm on insta or email me at

Happy scrolling,

Marcella x

P.S. Sizing is a confusing topic. Check out this VOX video explaining the wacked-out system of women's sizing. 


@curvyandthrifty, the mama of South African curvy thrifters. She models her own clothing and is an absolute babe! Check out her homeware page to, @curvd.home

@hatsheputvintage, an ethereal wonder woman who drops her stock according to the Astrological signs! As a Virgo, I appreciate this level of unmatched organisation. She's also very funny and a darling to chat to. 

@retroclub.vintage has now developed Curvy Club - retro lovin' groovin' and shakin' thrift for clubbers sized 12 and up. Check out her insanely innovative monthly Giveaways for all sorts of local freebies!