Mid Size (12 - 16)

This one's for my customers sized 12 - 16. While your clothes are more easy to find than Plus Sized clothing - it can still be frustrating not seeing your body-type represented as much as sizes 6 - 10. 

I first heard of the term Mid-size from Insta-blogger @asmallcloset two years ago. For months before I was desperate to find inspiring vintage lovers who looked more like me. After finding her page I was introduced to a new world of inclusive sizing. I realised that sizing is a helluva lot more nuanced than I naively thought. 

I hope that this page provides an experience like that for you too. The purpose of Boundless is not to box or label you as a specific size. You are not your size, nor should you feel that your size restricts you.

The purpose is to create a space for you to feel appreciated, understood, inspired and creative.

Feel free to check out the other Boundless categories: Plus Size, Curvy Petite and XXS.

Mid-Size Inspo Influencers:

 @shannydoots: she is "Exploring clothes as a not-quite-plus-size person" and exploring them DIVINELY. A patron of slow-fashion - she's certainly one to follow.

@midsizegal: supah cute Instagram reels filled with trendy outfit inspirations. Check out her hashtag #MidSizeGals on Insta - you’ll be bound to find your desired style on SOMEONE there!

@sharmtoaster: not so clothing focused but DAMN the gal can wear a dress! 😍 Her content creation is also outta this world.