Boundless: Curvy Petite

This one's for my fellow petite and curvy gals. Yours truly is 5'1" with a size 12 booty. Trends in my world have always been tough to navigate.

First off I never really see my body type being hyped. I often see the *tall* and curvy womxn working the runway or flaunting on Instagram. The only short and curvy celeb I can think of off the top of my head is Danny de Vito. Oh, and the Queen of England. I remember being 16 years old searching 'curvy short fashion' online and being met with pictures of gym bunnies and not so savory boudoir shoots. Thank goodness times have changed on that front. 

My second dilemma is met in the changing room. I try a size 8 jean and while the length is great, the pant leg doesn't even go over my big toe. I opt for a size 12 and while my thighs feel accompanied for, I look like the inflatable tube man with a kilometer long material stretching well past my toes. 

Surprisingly while thrifting I'm ALWAYS finding the right sized clothing for our body type. 

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